Computer Science Summer in Russia (CSSR)

June 24 - July 5, 2019

*Two major Computer Science conferences in Russia
*Satellite workshops
*Summer school;
*IT Sessions
Computer Science Summer in Russia (CSSR) brought together two major international conferences on Computer Science held in Russia, as well as satellite workshops, sessions of IT-companies, and a summer school targeting student audience. CSR (the 14th International Computer Science Symposium in Russia) and PSI (the 12th Ershov Informatics Conference) were held in the scope of CSSR.

CSSR was held in strategic partnership with Uma.Tech, a technology company with a unique experience in creating complex solutions for media industry.
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Summer School CSR
Sessions of IT-Companies Satellite Workshops
CSR and PSI are internationally recognized venues for discussion of the latest results in the theory and applications of Computer Science. Both conferences have international steering committees and host invited talks given by prominent researchers.

In 2019, the conferences featured lectures of thirteen keynote speakers, among which are Turing, Gödel, Knuth award holders, ACM, IBM, EATCS, and IEEE fellows.
Invited lectures in the scope of CSSR were given by
Andrew Yao
Tsinghua University, China
Moshe Vardi
Rice University, USA
Michael Fellows
University of Bergen, Norway
Joost-Pieter Katoen
Aachen University, Germany
Margus Veanes
Microsoft Research, Redmond, USA
Marta Kwiatkowska
Oxford University, UK
Sören Auer
Leibniz Information Center for Science and Technology, Germany
David Woodruff
Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Eric Fusy
École Polytechnique, France
Giuseppe Italiano
LUISS University, Italy
Meena Mahajan
Institute of Mathematical Sciences, India
Petros Petrosyan
Yerevan State University, Armenia
Dmitry Zhuk
Moscow State University, Russia
The workshop track of CSSR consisted of satellite events, some of which are held traditionally as a part of the conferences and cover topics such as Software Engineering, Software Verification, Education Informatics, Big Data & Big Knowledge.

The summer school targeted mainly student audience and presented accelerated courses on selected topics of the Theory of Programming, Software Verification and Testing, Knowledge Engineering, and Data Processing.